Best Subscription Boxes – Activity boxes at your doorstep!


This concept has been there for quite some time, but has picked up during last few year. A nice way to give your kids exciting set of games and activities every month. These are called as subscription box. A concept that brings kids activity boxes to your doorstep. So lets talk about some of the best subscription boxes and what are those!

This subscription based activity has been made popular by few startups and has been quite successful.

So what are subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes are theme based (mostly) activity set / games delivered to your doorstep, mostly once a month. You need to take subscription for 3 months to 1 year or more based on the company policy. Most of the boxes contain activities related to science , arts and crafts, aero modelling etc.

Today there are many startups in this space. Lets looks at 2 of the popular ones today.

best subscription boxes
  1. Flintobox: Subscription boxes starting from 2 year to 12 years. Activity boxes are as per age group. For example if you child is a toddler, the age group is 2 to 3 years and they will receive easy learning activities that will keep them occupied. They are designed by trained professionals in this area. Click here to learn more.
  2. Magic Crate: They are another popular name in this area. It’s a subscription service for 1.5 year to 15 year olds. Theme based activites that are mailed to your home every month. Each crate is supposed to contain 2 science activity, 1 art & craft activity and 1 game. Click here to visit their website..

There are few more which are not so popular.

But I find the model quite interesting. Kids are a lot on mobile phones, tablets and tv’s now a day and these activities surely are a nice way to keep them away from it.

If you have already used it. Do post back your comments

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Have a good day!



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