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Five good Mathematics Toys and Counting Toys for 7(+) years

Learning Maths can be made easy for kids. We only need to make it more interesting and what can be the best way to do that other than toys / games. There are many educational toys available in market but we tend to ignore them. Let us look at Five good Mathematics and Counting Toys for 7(+) years

We only see toy as something which should make our child happy and tend to ignore its educational value. Educational toys also provide a very good preposition and we should let our kids try them.

So let us look some good Counting Toys or Mathematics toys for 7+ year olds.

Top 5 counting toys

Below we have tried to provide 5 good Mathematics toys ( counting toys ) which can help kids learn various Mathematics concepts. These toys are suitable for kids of 7 years and above of age.

SAY CHEESE multiplication tables math game STEM toy Math manipulative and resource for kids

A nice game to improve your kids skills at multiplication and learning tables while playing a game. Since this is more practical in nature the learning is faster.

The kit has 100 glossy cheesy coins numbered from 1 to 100. Interesting game and you can play along with your kid making learning process more fun

Annie Rapid Calculation

This is a bit complex game for the age,  but good one for concepts on all the operations – add, substract, multiply and divide.

Annie rapid calculation is mathematical game for 2 to 4 players.

The aim of the game is to capture the 18 posts with rings by the values of all 3 numbers shown by the result of throwing the 3 dice itself or by calculating all values either by adding subtracting multiplying or dividing.

You need to combine numbers apply mathematical operations and calculate fast.

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Kutuhal Exploring Geometrical Shapes And Their Properties

This a bit simple toy as compared to Annie rapid calculation. With this game you can help your child learn the concept of – Edges, Vertices, Sides, Perimeter, Area, Volume.

Shapes include Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Rhoumbus, Circle, Sphere, Cube, Cuboid, Various Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone, Frustum etc .

Children will feel, compare and understand properties of various 2D and 3D shapes.

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Froggy Fractions Educational Gift Math Card Game for Kids to Learn Equivalent Fraction

This is one of our favorites. Has very good reviews as well. Three most complex skills in mathematics at this age are – reducing fractions to simplest form, equivalent fractions and comparison.

This is a card game which helps kids understand this.  Its a good strategy and memory building math game.

PET ME Educational Math Board Game for Kids to master Division

This is one game to master division.

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