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Is your child learning to self-feed, try self leveling spoon

Self leveling Spoon, came across this from one of our friends visiting from Europe and found this very interesting and useful.

Hence thought of writing about it.

While feeding there child, they had a spoon which was spill free. This looked a bit interesting to me.

Our kids are grown up now and we don’t need spill free spoons any more, but kids who are just learning to eat by themselves, this comes handy.

What is self leveling spoon

How it helps?

  • Self leveling spoon is designed for children who are learning to self feed
  • It prevents spills by ensuring the spoon remains parallel to the floor

Does self leveling spoon helps?

Self leveling spoon is actually a very simple idea, but can completely transform your babies lunch and dinner time. When they see you eating , they definitely want to eat by themselves and such a spoon is just what they need.

But do remember that like everything, for this also kids needs to have some practice. It will not happen that you buy one and give it to him/her and they start eating with it immediately.

When I checked with people I know I found that in India not many people know about it. But in US/Europe , people actually are using it a lot. Many of them also mention that it doesn’t really help a lot.

But as I have mentioned before, you need to give some time to kiddo to get used to it. I have tried it and it definitely helps in long run.

So what to see in a self leveling spoon?

There are many may be available in market. Make sure that

  1. The spoon remains in a horizontal position and food does not spill even if the child does not hold the spoon correctly as this is the basic purpose of this spoon.
  2. Handle locks into place for older children or to help transition to a traditional spoon.
  3. Try deep spoon particularly suitable for thick liquids such as soup and purees
  4. Make sure that it is easy to dismantle for easy cleaning
  5. Washable by hand or in the dishwasher
  6. BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

Was wondering why we did not had such things when we were young and our kids were small .. 🙂

Anyway I searched on internet and found that these are available in India on almost all the e-commerce sites like amazon, flipkart, first cry etc..

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