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Kids love Keys and Key sets – why not it be a toy? But is it safe?

As a mom you would have definitely noticed that as soon as you put the key in front of your little angel, she will try to grab it, put it in her mouth, play with it. Lets check Kleynimals !

Every kid I have seen, just give them a bunch of keys and they become very busy with that. They will be happy, playing around with it for long time. Isn’t it.

Is it safe? Generally these keys are dirty, though we know they don’t look like that. But have you ever washed your keys? In-fact who actually washes keys unless otherwise it has fallen into a very dirty place.

But, apart from being dirty these are made up of raw iron which contains lead and we all know how dangerous lead can be for human body!

It is definitely not safe! Is there a alternative. Yes plenty!

There are lot of colorful key shaped rattles and teethers available in the market which are quite safe, but in the end they are plastic!

But today I will talk of something very innovative. I did not see it in Indian market, but it is for sure very interesting and hence thought of sharing it here!

What I am talking about here is “Kleynimals” (clean key animals).  A innovative stainless steel baby keys which is a safe, non toxic toy. It has animal faces which make is more attractive.


It is a unique product designed by a mother herself as a clean and safe alternative to regular door keys towards which kids are attracted to.

It is made up of food grade stainless steel and hence quite same to use and also give the child the same feeling as regular keys!

It is a great gift!!

You can get more details about this great toy at their website https://kleynimals.com/

I did not find this anywhere in India or on any of the online shopping sites. If you know of a place where we can find it here, please do post your message!


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