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Waveboarding – let your little one surf the road

Wave-boarding – Thrill of Surfing on the road

It has been quite some time, I have been busy with few other things and could not take time out write on this blog.

During the end of summer vacation my kids started asking for a toy or game which they have not used before. I started searching internet for some cool ideas..

Here is comes, “WAVE BOARD”

Waveboard is more or less like an skate board, but needs some specific technique and lots of practice before your kid can start using it. If you look, it is more like a skateboard with a board to rest the feet and 2 wheels to glide. A skate might have 2 or 4 wheels based on design, but  waveboards I have seen have only 2 wheels … I am not sure if a 4 wheel wave-board exists. If any one has any idea, pls do post back your comment.

Why it is called as wave-board? It is the way it’s designed. Riding a wave board is like wave surfing.

With one foot resting firmly on the front, it’s used for navigating i.e giving direction to the board. How the board gains speed, how it gets turned etc is very technical things which I was not interetsed inreally knowing.

What I know is that I found it quite challenging to operate and then I asked by kids to take up the challenge. Well we all know kids are much beyond our imagination 🙂

My kids are liking it a lot and what else … it’s a very good physical exercise for them.

It has been used in western countries a lot as an outdoor toy and is now gaining momentum in here. Ideal for kids 7 years and up. Do try them out!

I found the one sold at Decathlon quite good and suggest you try that. But they are also available at Amazon and Flipkart !!

Do check them out!




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