Fidget Spinner – Is it worth the craze?

The other day my elder kid came back from school and started asking about “Fidget Spinner”. A small fidget toy which is a craze in his class and is actually a craze in schools now a days.

So what is a fidget spinner? Have a look at the photograph below.


If you look, it is a small ball bearing device which kids can rotate between their fingers.
When this toy rotates between the fingers, it provides a pleasing sensation and challenges kids to more concentrated tasks like tossing it or transferring it between fingers while its still spinning etc.

The fidget spinner was originally designed for kids (or individuals) with ADHD, Autism as it helps improving concentration and fine motor skills.

But later companies started marketing it as a toy to  reduce stress and  improve concentration and it started becoming a craze in offices and schools. Questions were raised whether the toy is really a tool to improve concentration or is it a distraction?

The original intent of using this toy as improving the fine motor skills for kids with ADHD and Autism, still holds goods. The controversy around this started when kids started getting hooked to it. It started becoming more of a distraction.

There has been lot of media coverage on fidget spanner after some schools in west started banning this toy in the class. There has been cases where kids injury (specially if it lands at the hand of small kids). It has small parts and small kids tend to keep it in mouth. Doctors have also started casting down on its ability to reduce anxiety or stress.

No toy is bad. Every toy is good if it offers a value to  our children. It is our responsibility to make sure that it’s not used in the wrong way. I have given it to my child. But if I find him to be addicted to it and getting distracted, I may need to rethink. About the other benefits this toy offers, let me wait and watch.

But there is a growing craze in schools for this toy and we cannot be ignorant about that. What do you think!

Have a good day!



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