Various types of fidget spinners!

I have talked about fidget spinners some time back in one of our reviews –  Fidget Spinner – Is it worth the craze?

I am still of the view that its not a bad toy after all. It is definitely an interesting toy. As I said before, we just need to make sure that it is used in the right way.

The initial fidget spinner designed was one with 3 edges, but now they come in various shapes which are quite interesting! Listing down few which I found on various shopping sites and stores!

Some cool fidget spinners

Premsons Fidget Spinner 608 Four Bearing Ultra Speed Tri-Spinner Hand Spin Toy – White + Black Wing Bearings

3 edge fidget spinner

Captain America Shield Metal Hand Spinner Fidget Stress Reducer Anti Anxiety for Children / Adults

captain america fidget spinner

Metal Fidget Spinner – More that 3 heads

multi edge fudget spinner

Magicwand Fidget Spiderman Hand Spinner

round shaped fidget spinner

There are many more, but above are quite popular!


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  1. Very much craze among kids. Lot of varieties in market. I have seen this toy in local gift shop selling in good number. But quality is difficult to tell.

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