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Balance Bikes – A simple and safer way to teach kids biking!

Have you heard of balance bikes?

OK, let me ask this, do you remember how did you learn to cycle? My dad was the one who taught me. I did  not start learning with the kids bike which comes with 3 back side wheels, i.e 2 supporting wheels at the side. Though my kids started with that. In my case, I learnt biking on my dad’s cycle. My dad used to hold it from the back, while I tried to balance. After couple of days of training, I was on my own. In-fact my dad played a trick. I thought he was holding the cycle, but in-fact he left it and I did not realize that I drove without him holding it and that was the first cool experience which gave me immense confidence.

Ok,  now coming to my initial question on balance bikes. I came to know about these pretty late,  but I found them pretty cool and hence thought of writing it here. Since they are available in India, it is a good option for kids. In-fact these bikes are not new,  but ma be have not been so popular before.

Balance bikes are training bicycles that helps children learn balancing and steering. It has not pedals and kids push it by themselves and the just lift their foot as the bikes gains momentum in turn learning to balance the bike.  So basically kids learn to balance first before they learn to pedal.

So it a cool way for kids to start learning to bike. But this is more suited for small children – 3 to 6 year olds.

So in case your little one is in that age group and have  not yet learnt biking, this can be a cool option.

But of course if you can teach you kid, there cannot be a better moment for him/her. Do you agree ?? 🙂

Where to buy ? Almost all retail sites have these. You can check Amazon, FirstCry etc. If you want to have a look before you buy check Declathon or may be some local bike vendors!

Already have a balance bike for your kid? Do share your experience!



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