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5 good Apps to consider for kids with ADHD

ADHD, is also called as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a neurobiological disorder. This means that it is a disorder of the nervous system. Kids with ADHD have difficulty in concentrating and struggle with hyperactivity. You can read more about ADHD in our previous blogs on same topic (click here).

ADHD not only effects small kids but can also be seen in teens and adults. Lets look at some good apps which can help in such cases.


Free app available on android and apple store. Has more than 1000000 audiobooks. It has titles for both children and adults. Premium membership is available at a price. How does this app can help with kids with ADHD. Kids with ADHD have difficulty in reading. They get distracted very soon and this is where these audiobooks can help. They can be great as an alternative learning method/tool. Moreover text and audio can go together which helps kids improve vocabulary  and comprehension.

link on playstore -> click here


This is one of the best smartphone app available for motivating children. Traditional reward onto mobile. Anytime the kid does a task he/she earns stars. Once enough stars for a reward then it can be en-cashed.  It is a cool app for children to teach them responsibility. This can be a very good motivating app for all kids including kids with ADHD.

link on playstore -> click here


Another cool app for students with many easy to use features which kids with ADHD can use easily. They can use it for tracking assignments, tests and many other tasks. Due date reminders, upcoming tasks etc. There is free as well as premium version available.

Link on playstore -> Click Here


What this app tell you to do is to divide your day in 30 mins chunks. This helps kids by providing them the ability to track how much time they have spend on a task and when it is time to go to next one. This time restriction forces them to concentrate.

Android= > click here

iOS => click here


Helps to store and organize notes. Creating a project to-do list or jotting down a reminder or snapping a picture of a sketch. A note can be anything. The notes are searchable and documents like word, powepoint or PDF can be easily attached to it. This is an app with one of the highest ratings.

Android – > click here

So check these cools apps. Though they are of great help for kids with special needs like this, it is useful for all.


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