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benefits of drawing for kids

Benefits of drawing for kids

Drawing is an activity that is loved by one and all and especially the young kids. They can use various mediums to draw like paper pen, crayons, chalk or even paints. They love creating art but do not like the cleaning up after that. Do not stop them from expressing themselves. It is not just the art that is the benefit; there are numerous other benefits too. Developmental benefits are accompanied with the creation of art and happiness of the child.

benefits of drawing for kids

Listed below are the benefits of drawing for kids:

So let us look at few benefits of drawing for kids like – Develop fine motor skills, Visual analysis, Enhances Concentration

Develop fine motor skills

Drawing helps develop fine motor skills as there is usage of hands, wrist, figures along with eye and hand coordination. Fine motor skills are needed to drive or do daily things so they must be mastered in the childhood. Holding pens or colours is the best way to teach finer strokes and the amount of pressure required for the various styles and patterns in drawing. Visual feedback is received by the child and they try to perform even better each time.

Visual analysis

The skill of visual analysis is developed. They learn to estimate distance, size and textures just by seeing and not actually measuring. This is the basis of a very fundamental cognitive skill acquired by the child. They can make out the difference between big or small, smooth or rough, near or far and so on. This can be seen in the art they make.

Enhances Concentration

Art enhances concentration. Kids generally lack concentration as they do not like to sit and one place and do the same activity for long. But in the case of drawing they get interested and like the outcome so they can sit for long and complete the task. It also teaches them patience as it may take some time for the final desired product to come forward. Drawing has been added to the academics for this reason only. It is a step towards maturity of your child.

Improves eye hand coordination

Improves eye hand coordination as the child will see with eyes and analyse to recreate with hands. So it gives them a great deal of self confidence.

Improves confidence

When kids display their art work they present it with pride and feel confident. Always remember to praise your kid. They have thoughts and feelings attached to it. you may not understand their perspective in the first look, so give them a chance to explain. It will also improve their vocabulary. The values like self motivation, self worth and confidence are instilled in the child in a very subtle manner.

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Children learn problem solving skills. Whenever they face a problem rather than running to you each time they will prefer solving it themselves. Picking up things or making a new colour for them or creating a shape. They will create new tools to give texture to their drawings.

Make Kids More Expressive

Makes the child more expressive. Kids may not say much but they certainly draw many emotions, and family portraits also help you judge how they visualize you from their end. Drawing s can help you understand their perception of the world. Kids become emotionally strong and attached to their drawings as they would love to display them in their room.

Make your child more imaginative

Drawing can make your child more imaginative. Let their imagination run wild and allow them to use as many colours as they want. It will make their brains sharper and also ready for the future. This will help them distress when they will feel stressed out.

Allow the child to begin with very basic things like fruits or flowers and so on. Then they can slowly complicate and give dimensions and textures. You see that they will try out new things when ever appreciated for the work done by them. Allow them to make a field, or a scenery, a bird or a dog. Allow them to make a self portrait or their favourite fruit and so on. You will be amazed to find out new things about your own child which would not have come out in open otherwise. You will see the benefits of drawing for kids by yourselves.

How to initiate your kids towards drawing

There are many different techniques of drawing.

Begin small

Begin with simpler ones for your kids. Try to make them friends with pens, crayons and paper. The most important thing in the beginning is that they must finish whatever they begin so that kids feel attached to the end result.

When the final result is appealing they will attempt it again and again and hence also sit for longer time.

Coach them and make it a fun activity

You can teach your kids to draw by sitting with them and teaching them to draw first and then colour. Show them rather than just telling them.

Spend some quality time with them and make them follow you so that they will feel as if they are just like you. Show them various strokes and texture creation techniques and how to use them.

You can see videos from the internet or read books about it along with your child. It will be a learning experience for you and the child and also create a special bond between you all.

Take easy themes

You can teach easy themes to the child as it will help them stay focused and draw similar types of things. It will also help kids associate things to each other and form visual grouping rather having to label everything around.

It is a crucial stage of mental growth and they can relate things to each other without having to be told each and everything. They develop the skill of analysing and derivation. They start making sense of things just by looking at them.

You can give small props to the child to follow. They can look at a certain thing and copy. This will allow them to learn size, distance and texture judgement visually. They can also draw their favourite character or cartoon. Let them feel free and draw anything. It will help you judge what all is going around in their brains. Be with them and most importantly appreciate their efforts.

Hope you liked this article Benefits of drawing for kids, in case you have any feedback or comments do let us know!

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