Best Art and Craft Kits Online India – Keep your kid busy this summer

Looking for Best Art and Craft Kits Online India ? We have some recommendations for you. Why to get Art and Craft Kits for kids ? A blank colorful paper can instill so much of creativity and imagination in kids. Apart from creativity and imagination it also helps children in many ways like understanding various … Read more

Holi Water Guns – 10 best pichkaari to buy this Holi

Friends are you looking for Holi Water Guns for your children. We bring to you 10 best pichkaari to buy this Holi ! Best Holi Water Guns Below are our list of Holi Water Guns! #1 Popo Toys Holi Magic Balloons Auto Fill & Tie – 3 Bunch (111 Balloons) In less than a MINUTE, … Read more

Lattu – The Indian traditional spinning top toy

Lattu - The Indian traditional spinning top toy

Lattu , I think everyone in our country and probably in this subcontinent knows about this toy. Lattu is may be one of the most popular traditional Indian toy ! Lattu – the spinning top toy We have discussed about the famous beyblade in our previous posts and hence I thought to talk about this … Read more

Gulel Wala Game – A traditional toy for naughty kids

Who doesn’t k now about Gulel. A classic “Y” shaped toy which has been very popular with all the naughty kids around. Where else you would have seen this? Remember old black and white movies 🙂 Gulel in english So what is Gulel called on English ? Not only in India, it has been in … Read more

Squigz- A unique toy for 3 years

Looking for a unique toy for 3 year old child? Looking fto gift a child a very simple, yet a unique toy which has immense benefits. If your answer to above is all YES, the you should try Squigz! So what is Squigz? Squigz is a set of small pieces . And these pieces can … Read more

Top 10 Educational Website for kids

top 10 educational website for kids

Looking for Educational Website for kids ? In the tough times that we all have been confined to our homes, the kids are having a tough time. They have so much of energy which needs to be channelized in a proper way. It is easy for the kids to get involved into mischievous activities. Also … Read more

Buddhijal (or Brainvita) – an interesting brain game for kids


Buddhijal, also called as Brainvita is an interesting brain game. What is Buddhijal (or Brainvita) This brain teaser , Brainvita, is a very old game with its reference recorded both in western world and in Indian subcontinent. In west it’s called as Peg Solitaire while here we call it as Brainvita. How many marbles are … Read more

Lots of fun with this indoor Card and Board game for 6 year old – Pictureka

Looking for a a cool board game which you can play with your 6 year old. Check this nice game called as “Pictureka” ! A wonderful Card and Board game for 6 year old. What is Pictureka Pictureka is a multiplayer card and board game and it’s fun to play this with kids..  So before … Read more

Science Toys – Top 20 STEM toys for kids you should buy in 2020


Selecting toys for kids is a very big responsibility. It has to be carried out carefully. You cannot just buy any random toy for them and hand it over. Kids these days are very inquisitive and want to learn a lot very fast. So as a parents you must chose a toy which shall help … Read more