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The foolish monkey

The foolish Monkey – Kids moral story

The foolish Monkey – The moral of the story is that you should not believe on anyone with out understanding the facts.

The foolish monkey

Once upon a time ,there was a monkey who lived in a big jungle . One day ,while he was sitting on a tall tree ,strong winds stared to blow .the branch on which the monkey was sitting ,stared shaking in the storm.

The monkey got very sacred.He rushed down to the ground and started to roam around in panic and fear. he got an idea and thought to himself,” its very risky to sit on this tree .the strong winds might uproot the tree and i will die along with it . i must go a little far from this tree.”
Hence, the monkey went and sat under a coconut tree . ” I think it is safer here ” he thought

The storm was still blowing very fiercely. Just when the monkey sat under the coconut tree, two big coconut fell down with a big thud. After hearing the loud noise of the falling coconuts, the monkey felt as if there was some big disaster coming up soon. He thought, ” I think the earth is about to split any moment. Is the world coming to an end? I think all the universe is about to collapse soon”

After imaging those calamities, the monkey fled fast to save his life. Seeing the monkey running, a parrot asked – hey money where are you going in such a haste ?

I am going to save my life. If you want to be alive, follow me. Also inform this news to everyone in the jungle. The monkey said.

The parrot asked – why are you saying this? What has happened. All seems fine to me . Please tell me what is the matter.

The monkey said, It is a very shocking news. The earth is going to split and the world is going to end. We may not be able to live more. I have felt it myself.

The parrot gave this news to other parrots. Soon the news spread like a fire and everyone started running. All the animals started running.

Hearing this loud noise in jungle, the king of jungle, The lion woke up. He came out of his cave and saw a deer running. He asked the deer what happened and dear told him that the earth is going to end.

Lion was surprised. He asked him – who had told him this’, the deer pointed to fox, the fox pointed to rabbit, the rabbit pointed to some one else.

Finally the lion reached the monkey. He took the monkey to the same spot where the monkey was sleeping. He checked the entire area and found that due to storm 2 coconuts have fallen down and hit the rock on which monkey was sitting. The monkey got scared and started spreading this rumor of the world coming to an end.

Every one in the jungle was very unhappy with the monkey. The Monkey felt very ashamed.

he moral of the story is that you should not believe on anyone with out understanding the facts.

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