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Top 5 Drone Toys for Kids – Get one of these magnificent and attractive gadgets

Drone Toys are the latest flying toys that are available in the market. It is one of the magnificent and attractive gadgets that almost all kids would like to get a hands on experience. If they could get it for personal use, nothing would be better.

These days’ kids have access to way more technology and its usage than their parents. We may not be that informed about the product they demand us. So as a parent first go through all the features of the toy and also think of all the possible usages. Keep in mind our kids will go one step ahead of what we can even fathom.

As our kids are growing up their toys get advanced. We cannot decline their entire demands even if are unsure. Drone Toys are one such toy. It can be a very useful toy for the kids to learn flying. There are simple drones with easy controls, which allow the kids to learn in a short while. You will be amazed to see that they learn so fast. Drone Toys can be a perfect option for birthday gift or for any other occasion.

There are many options available in the market. Here are a few suggestions below:

Top 5 Drone Toys for Kids

Quick view – Comparing all 5 ( Scroll below for more detail)

Drone NameKiditos Syma X8ProDJI Tello DroneSUPER TOY Syma Z3 RC Foldable DroneWebby LH Hand-Controlled 360° Rotating UFOKiditos Syma X20 Pocket Drone
OperationRemote ControllRemote ControllRemote ControllHand OperatedRemote Controll
Minimum suggested Age14141248
Wiegth600gms150 gms300 gms100 gms90
Flight Time10 to 12 minis13 to 15 mins8 to 10 mins8 to 10 mins5 mins
Camera720 P HD Camera5 MP2 MPN/AN/A
Flying Range70 mts50 Mts50 mts5 mts20 mts
Assembly RequiredNoNoNoNoNo
Unique FeatureGPS Positioning and Hover, GPS Return to HomeEducation drone as it is progammable ( mit-developed coding system.)Foldable, 360° Flip Action, Hand Sensor FlyingHand Operated Control By Gestures & 360°Rotating flying. Altitude hold mode One-key take off and landing
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Kiditos Syma X8Pro GPS Drone – #1

Looking for a high end drone for your grown up child, this can be the one. With such a fanstastic list of features, he/she is not going to get disappointed. Loos at these features –

  • GPS Positioning and Hover
  • GPS Return to Home,
  • Low Battery and RC Disconnect Return to Home
  • WiFi FPV in real time
  • Remote controlled 90 Degree Adjustable HD Camera
  • Multiple Flight modes : Surround Flight, Follow Me, Map Guided Flight, Waypoint
  • Direct APP Control via Smartphone
  • Barometric Sensors allow Hover Flight, Headless Mode, Low Battery and Overcurrent protection
Kiditos - Top 5 Drone Toys for Kids
Drone NameKiditos Syma X8Pro GPS Drone with WiFi FPV 720P HD Adjustable Wide-Angle Camera, Live Video, GPS Positioning and GPS Return Home, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode Quadcopter, White
OperationRemote Controll
Minimum suggested Age14 +
Flight Time10 to 12 minis
Camera720 P HD Camera
Flying Range70 mts
Assembly RequiredNo
Soecial FeaturesGPS Positioning and Hover, GPS Return to Home, Low Battery and RC Disconnect Return to Home, WiFi FPV in real time, Remote controlled 90 Degree Adjustable HD Camera . Multiple Flight modes : Surround Flight, Follow Me, Map Guided Flight, Waypoint, Direct APP Control via Smartphone, Barometric Sensors allow Hover Flight, Headless Mode, Low Battery and Overcurrent protection

DJI Tello Kids Drone – 5MP HD – #2

It is one of the best Drone Toys for kids or youngsters. Battery back-up of 13 to 15 minutes. It is suitable for age 12 and above. It looks a lot like the drones used by the professionals. The camera is high quality of 720p. The maneuvering is not complicated and easy to fly. This model is sure to be loved by your kid while you can be happy that it is not power unleashed in wrong hands. The take-off and landing are very smooth with one touch buttons. Altitude hold feature is present in this drone making it really safe as it will not just fall upon someone. Propeller guards increase the safety feature for the people around. The app used to fly this drone is also equipped with custom flight paths also. This will allow the drone to automatically go on a pre-prescribed route that you can set on the screen of your phone. The 120 degree wide angle of the camera is great for shooting videos and trying different photography skills.

Drone NameDJI Tello Drone
OperationRemote Controll
Suggested Age Group12+
Wiegth150 gms
Flight Time13 to 15 mins
Camera5 MP
Flying Range50 Mts
Assembly RequiredNo
Soecial Featuresfun, and educational quadcopter that has a very smart processor and feature like Easy Shots, Auto take off and landing , Downward facing camera and an an app from DJI for better operation. Education drone as it is progammable ( mit-developed coding system.)

SUPER TOY Syma Z3 RC Foldable Drone with 720P Wi-Fi Camera

This is one of the safest Drone Toys for the young ones. The battery backup will be of 8 to 10 minutes. We know that these days kids have demands as soon as they can speak. So if your young ones too wants a drone and you have to give him one, you can buy this one. Ideal birthday gifts.

Drone NameSUPER TOY Syma Z3 RC Foldable Drone with 720P Wi-Fi Camera
OperationRemote Controll
Minimum suggested Age12
Wiegth300 gms
Flight Time8 to 10 mins
Camera2 MP
Flying Range50 mts
Assembly RequiredNo
Soecial FeaturesFoldable, 360° Flip Action, Hand Sensor Flying, Video Recording, FPV Real Time, Headless Mode, 1 Key Take off/landing, 6-Axis Gyro, Altitude Hold

Webby LH Hand-Controlled 360° Rotating UFO with Bright LED Lights Flying Quadcopter – #4

This is a cool concept drone. UFO styled drone is really attractive to kids and this one with all LED light and bright colors can be really exciting. Suitable for kids 4+ years of age, it is a fun for kids of all ages.

It is motion-sensitive drone which once after taking off, understands the motions of your hands and takes action accordingly. Suitable for indoors.

Webby Drone top 5 drones for kids
Drone NameWebby LH Hand-Controlled 360° Rotating UFO
OperationHand Operated
Suggested Age Group4 +
Wiegth100 gms
Flight Time8 to 10 mins
Flying Range5 mts
Assembly RequiredNo
Soecial FeaturesControl By Gestures & 360°Rotating flying. Durable Material & Anti-resistance Design. Designed for motion-sensitive

Kiditos Syma X20 Pocket Drone #5

This drone is known to have been used to improve the flying skills of kids. The battery fly time is around 8 minutes. It is good for grown up kids and teenagers. The controls are easy and do not flip even if the drone flips. It rather changes and adjusts the head of the drone to understand it is to go away or come closer. It has a stable design. It is very good for learning.

Drone NameKiditos Syma X20 Pocket Drone
OperationRemote Controll
Minimum suggested Age8 +
Wiegth90 gms
Flight Time5 mins
Flying Range20 mts
Assembly RequiredNo
Soecial FeaturesAltitude hold mode, One-key take off and landing, 3d roll, light weight, can be carried in pocket. Good for learning

Kids are definitely going to fly these drone toys inside as well as outside. So do not buy very delicate and small drone. It should be easy to handle size. Look out for a stable and powerful model so that it does not fall off due to gusting winds. Additional features to be checked are auto take off and landing options ( Have listed above ), so that kids do not break it the very first time they try. Another useful feature is the altitude holding capacity for better video or pictures. A good quality camera and laser light with crash proof design are additional benefits in a design.

Though there is an age specified on the box, but it is for the parents to decide. Read all the uses online as well. It will be the kids who use, so the product should not be very complicated and have basic features only. Try to keep things simple and also set certain rules of its usage, so that do not hamper someone’s privacy and put you in trouble. Also there are rules for using drones in public places, so do get in touch with the local authority before you purchase one. You should try to be around kids when they use the drone. At least in the beginning be with them, so that they can learn proper usage. Also remember to give surprise check on the videos they may be recording.

We hope you will our pick of these drone toys … get one today !

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