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toddler yoga poses

Toddler Yoga Poses – Fun way to introduce kids to Yoga on this International Yoga Day

Yoga is a great way to stretch, relax, concentrate, meditate and exercise all at once. It is an ancient practice, which today is extremely popular. In various gyms across the country, there are many videos, books and classes that enable you to learn yoga, and enhance your yoga skills. Yoga is likewise a great activity for kids. And so are Toddler Yoga Poses !

Toddler Yoga – now what is this ? Should children perform yoga and is it healthy for them? Well, the answer is a BIG yes. Regular yoga practice not only strengthens the children from a young age but also makes them more flexible and expressive. let us talk more on this on this 21st June International Yoga day

Today 21st June is International Yoga day and on this occasion we bring to you some fun and easy yoga poses for toddlers. So let us look at some good Toddler Yoga Poses.

Toddler yoga is a great way to get your kids started with yoga, give your child a fun activity, as well as teach them something that can keep them active, and help protect your child by improving immunity.

Yoga is a perfect way to relax, stretch, concentrate, meditate and hence it is a great thing to bring this in as a habit from childhood.

Best Toddler Yoga Poses

So here are our list of best yoga poses for toddlers.

Downward facing dog pose

 Toddler Yoga Poses

This one is super easy for kids and fun too ….

Having their hands on the floor, heading upside down, and looking through their legs can help them see their surroundings . As a parent you probably already know how much fun it is for them and how much cute as well …

Mountain pose

 Toddler Yoga Poses

The is again a very simple and interesting pose for kids.

It involves just standing up straight, with the arms either on your sides or overhead.

Helps strengthen calf muscles.

Cat pose

The cat pose is a gentle kneading for the back and core. This one as well is a super easy pose for toddlers which can be a fun as well. It is more like a play for them, but if introduced as right age and brought into the habit can be a game changer for their health ( benefits)

 Toddler Yoga Poses

Giraffe pose

This is a great balancing exercise, particularly when your baby learning to walk. It’s just plain and fun to do. These poses are also very simple and easy to do.

 Toddler Yoga Poses

Yoga is an ancient exercise system which concentrate on both physical and mental health of a person. It helps you get a control over your body. It helps you to get a control over your mind and what else you can control your breath. Yes, it is as great as this and it does not even take much effort. Yoga just syncs you with nature.

We should also make kids part of this.

Yoga is becoming one of the most widely practiced forms of physical and mental exercise with many benefits. From reduced stress to rising strength; from better sleep to enhanced circulation – yoga is highly recommended for almost all.

Wishing you all on this International Yoga day!

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