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10 Best Birthday Return Gifts for kids

Return Gifts for kids: Birthday parties are so much fun. Especially when you have little guests it is even better. The friends of your young ones will enjoy the party if the theme, food and return gifts are according to their taste. They must have brought presents for your baby and must in return be waiting for their own return gift. So it is a very big responsibility of the parents to think wisely and select a gift for the young ones which they would use and love. The items should be age specific and sometimes even gender specific too. Never buy items with very small or sharp edges; this may cause risk rather than fun. Always try to give same gift to all the invited guests so that later when they meet and may discuss your return gift there are no problems arising due to favoritism. Also remember to buy two or three extra gifts so that if you have unexpected kids you will not be refusing any one or hurting their feelings.

Top 10 Birthday Return Gifts for kids

 So here are a few suggestions for the items you can keep as return gift for the kids coming to your party.

Chocolates or candies – most loved return gifts for kids

Easiest and safest return gifts for kids bet are chocolates. Who doesn’t love candies. Every child and even adults love to get a surprise of sweets to gorge on to. Kindly look for certain brands that are age appropriate and do not have contents which may have allergies. Try to avoid candies with peanuts or nuts. Some of the kids may be allergic and it doesn’t look good to give separate gifts to different kids.

10 Best Birthday Return Gifts for kids

Colours – all time favorite return gifts for kids

You can buy small crayons or paints, sketch pens etc. As per the age of the kids. This gift is loved by all as they can use it almost daily and it enhances their imagination. It is very useful to keep them busy constructively. The size of the box and brand can be according your budget. But remember to buy the same brand and size for all.

crayons - 10 Best Birthday Return Gifts for kids

Piggy Banks – A unique return gifts for kids

these days there are many latest designs and materials being used to make piggy banks. By giving this gift you will be inculcating the habit of saving in the kids at a very young age. It is the correct time to instill such values that will benefit them in the future as well. The parents will also be thankful to you for giving such a thoughtful gift. Also when kids will meet later and discuss about it they will be motivated to save more and more.

piggy banks -10 Best Birthday Return Gifts for kids

Digital watch

If the kids can read numbers it is a very useful gift and cherished by all. This will help them to learn the value of being on time and punctual. Kids will compete on basis of time and also learn the value of time. This again is a habit which is not easy to be taught to the kids; but still remains very important.

Small backpacks – light weight back pack return gift for kids

You can give light weight back packs to the kids. They will feel independent. It can be used by them to put toys or books when they go out. A few can also use it to buy small items from the market and carry it for themselves home. doing this will really encourage them to come forward and socialize. As they would like to use it again and again. It can also be used for picnic purpose by the kids.

Night lamps – A fascinating return gifts for kids

We all know kids do not like to sleep in pitch black room. To help them build a habit of sleeping alone this low light but very beautifully crafted night lamps will help. There are many shapes and designs according to your budget.

Dress up set

You can give kitchen set or doctor set. There are loads of ideas for such gifts in the market. These will help he child to familiarize with the activities being done in the world immediate to them. It also gives them a chance to think about their career choices at a very young age. As through game they can be introduced to the responsibilities of different people like army, police, teachers, doctors, fireman, restraints etc. Kids will enhance their fine motor skills.


This gift is kind of gender specific. You can but dolls for the girls party and super heroes for boys party. But for the mixed party it would be tough decision. But if you think of it otherwise it a chance to show gender equality and give them a chance to enjoy and realize the qualities of the other people in this world. 


Board games – all time return gift!

These games can vary in size according to the budget. While playing these games kids will learn how to build strategy and also learn team work. You are sure to build sportsman spirit in them as the same person doesn’t win always. Also the kids will get time to spend with elders while learning to play these games. It is a perfect tool for cognitive skill development.

Dairy – An

Inculcating the habit of dairy writing is a positive way of being expressive. This gift will help the imagination of the kids take form of words and who knows you may be contributing to future writers and poets. Kids love to keep secrets, so this is their chance to keep their secrets safe.

Selecting a gift is great deal. It must fit your budget and numbers. But do buy wisely as you are not just gifting an item to the little ones; but also habits or developmental tools.

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As a parent it your duty to look for the best item for kids and safest for them. There may be younger siblings at home so always be thoughtful of them also. If possible you can ask your own child for suggestions for the return gift.

After all it is his/ her birthday that you will be celebrating lavishly. Have fun and be prepared in advance. Don’t keep gift shopping for last moment. Count heads and buy items accordingly. Hope you liked our list of top 10 return gifts for kids. Have a good day!

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