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Foam Blocks Sets – Another good alternative to wooden and plastic blocks

Blocks are important part of childhood play. They are one of the most important toys of early childhood. Blocks from simple ones to complex ones are important set of toys to keep the kids engaged and we have seen these toys in plastic, wood , cardboard etc.

Blocks as you know have been an early childhood toy from time immemorial. Now days they are more modern, come in many shapes and colors making them much more attractive.

Blocks helps in development of motoring skills as it requires hands and fingers muscles movement
Blocks stimulate creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving skills

A a parent we also looks for blocks which are more safe. But also durable. This is where the foam block set fits in.

Advantages of foam blocks-

  • They are soft and lightweight.

  • Very safe for pre schoolers i.e kids of early age.

  • Large and easy-to-grip

  • Durable

  • Easy to clean

  • non-toxic and comfortable to touch

There are many available in market. Just try to make sure that they are  of good quality.

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So do try foam blocks once for your little architect!


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