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Kids learning tablets – 5 good options

Tablets are becoming more popular now a days. It is a common sight to see kids playing on tablets be it at home or at railway stations, malls, airports etc. It is actually a great tool to keep children occupied and entertained for long.


However we have to be careful while giving tablets to kid, making sure that they see and access what they should. Hence parental control on these tablets become important and necessary.

But, all the prominent toy manufacturers have come up with kids laptop.  In-fact there are many of them available in market now which offers good features on parental control and security, apps as per age group and sturdy frame.

Below are 5 god tabs which you can look at

1)LeapPad from LeapFrog

First on our list is LeapPad from LeapFrog. This tablet is a little bit on higher side on price. But it is one of the best tabs available for kids. There are many versions available like LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad3 Learning tablet, LeapPad2 Explorer, etc.  There are many apps available on this tab plus other options like drwawing, painting, learning etc. Explore more at leapfrog website. These tablets are available on various e-eCommerce websites like amazon.in, flipkart etc

2) InnoTab kids tablet from Vtech

This is again a good learning tablet for kids. This is still on higher side when it comes to price, but is worth checking. It has g-sensor learning games, learning apps. It has e-book reader, vedio player, photo viewer etc. Check these out on amazon. Some times very good discounts are available online.

3) Fisherprice Laugh and Learn Tablets

Budget tablets for 2 to 4 years olds. A good brand and good price. Avaiable on discount on leading e-commerce sites. Has lots of music and fun sounds. The good thing is that it incorporates smart stage technology. That is the learning changes as the baby grows.

4) Classpad tablets

This tablets makes to our list because it is designed with a specific purpose. Classpads are educational tablets based on android and created specifically for learning purpose. So it is more of a educational tablet. Offers a way so that both students and teachers can use it. It has various learning options and study planner. Has comprehensive learning modules. It is from a company based out of India and specifically designed on Indian students.

5) Other good options Rs 5K to 10K

  • HCL Me Champ
  • Mitashi Sky Tab
  • Micromax Canvas Tabby

All the above tablets are quite popular. Have good ratings on all online stores and good feedback from offline stores. But electronic gadgets have a “popularity life” until any other better comes up. But above you can definitely explore for your kids.

As such online there are tons of so called kids tablets available with less that Rs 500/-. But they do not really offer anything good apart from simple learning like letter, words, names of animals / fruits etc.  Not really a good option. Better to invest once and then let your kid use it for a year or so.

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