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Pigloo Wooden Puzzle Toys – Non Toxic and Safe and a perfect gift for 3 year old

Are you looking for a cool puzzle game/toy for a 3(+) year old?

A puzzle game is an interesting addition to your kids toy set. They help kids in developing skills such as

  • Shape recoginition

  • Color recognition

  • Pattern recoginition

  • Fine motor skills

  • Hand and Eye coordination

  • Thinking skills and Brain development

Kids enjoy putting pieces together. You give them the challenge and they will be on it, till they compete it. If pieces are numbered it helps in learning numbers and alphabets as well.

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There are many puzzle toys available in market. But this attracted my attention because of below 4 reasons

  • This is a wooden puzzle toy and hence more safe

  • Bright colors

  • All puzzle pieces put together results in the shape of an animal

  • All puzzle pieces are marked with numbers or alphabets

You can say that this is more of a starter kit in puzzle toys. This toy from PIGLOO is made of wood and uses non toxic colors and hence it is safe. The pieces fit nicely and numbers/alphabets are in order and hence easy for kids to learn.

These surely are a wonderful additions to your kids toy sets and are ideal gifts/return gifts for birthday parties.

Do check them out!

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