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Beach Sand & Water Play Table – A perfect activity set to take on beach trips

Travelling towards beach during upcoming school holiday? Want to keep your little one amused, fascinated, imaginative during your stay on the beach? Try a Beach Sand and Water play table this time!

This is probably one of the most fascinating play thing for a 3+ year old child. Well older kids also enjoy it. It sparks childs imagination and its not just fun, but also promotes various types of social, cognitive and physical development.

water play table

Why to get a water play table?

We do not go to beach daily, but remember sand and water table can be a good outdoor activity set even if you are not using it on beach. You can keep your kid engaged during all of summer if you have this with you. When its hot outside you wont mind them playing with water as long as they want.

So what to look for in a good sand and water play table

water play table

Sturdy Frame

Look for a brand with good quality plastic and sturdy frame. This is very important as you want your toys to last long. More over a good plastic material is important as it has less chances of breaking and hence less chances of injury.

Dual Use

Check if the table is for dual use … i.e can be used to play with sand as well as water. There are just water table available as well which limits the usage. So make sure that you have one which you can use it in sand as well as in water. Something which you can use in your backyard as well as in beach. So you have to think from all the perspectives. If you are living in area which is very near to beach, this is something you would definitely would like to consider.

Size of sand and water play table

How many kids can play with one set. If the set is too small then may be just one kid will be able to play. So if you plan to go in group or have more than one kid, you may like to buy a bigger one. Yes this is an important consideration. If you have a set of families going together or may be you are in a joint family and have many same aged kids etc


How easy it is to remove the tray and clean it. This is also an important consideration. If you are able to disassemble and assemble easily , then it is great. It is ultimately you who are going to clean it and hence it is very important that you look into this

Toy accessories along with Water play table

Are toy accessories included? I think this is a very important consideration. Else you have to buy toys separately and will increase the cost.

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I have found this activity set quite interesting. Though my kids are grown up now,  but I found this beach sand and water play table a nice birthday gift for someone you know who will be able to use it.


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