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Does your kid loves Robotics – Why not try a DIY Quadcopter

Robotics is becoming quite popular as a descipiline and now a days in schools we have started seeing that kids have special classes on robotics.

if  your kids loves that then there are many options to create your own robots. In past we have seen a Robot has a walking and talking toy which resembels a doll, but robotics is not limuted to just that.

It’s all abpout creating a machine which can work on your instrcuitions.

Kids love DIY’s and when then get to create something which can fly, it becomes much mroe interwesting fort them. And hence a DIY kit comes in very handy.

DIY Quad-copter is an quad-rotor helicopter. That is it has 4 rotors and 2 pairs of fixed propellers. Two of  them rotate clockwise and other two rotate anti clock wise. Anyway how does this work is something for you to find out 🙂

Essentially you should have below in the kit:

  • A frame on which whole machinery sits
  • A flight control board
  • A USBASP programmer
  • 4 DC motors
  • 2 Pair of propellers

Make sure that the frame is sturdy and light weight so that it does not break during frequent crashes ( which is a possibility during initial phase).

There are many websites / offline stores who sell the complete kit. Make sure that you have all the required parts in the kit.

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