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the greedy monkey

Kids Moral Story – The Greedy Monkey

Moral Of Story “The Greedy Monkey” is : Greed is not good

Once upon a time, there was a man called shyam who lived in the city of jaipur. Shyam lived happily with his wife manju and his four sons Manju was very fond of birds and animals she used to feed some pigeons daily and she had rabbits in her lawn one day a monkey came to stay on a tree near shayams house the monkey was very naughty
he always came to Manjus courtyard The naughty prank of monkey started to to disturb manju, shyam and kids now manju started feeding him fresh fruit, banana every day wherener monkey was hungry he used to come one the grills of window and used to make sound.

Manju would give monkey fresh fruit from her basket and he ate it happily slowly after few weeks the monkey became used to the fruit he used to get from Manju
Whenever Manju an Shyam were not at home, he used to get very wild and restless in hunger. Soon he started entering the house Manjus kids were friendly with monkey so they allowed him to enter the house. He used to come and roam freely and kids started playing with him every one started to enjoy his company.

But monkey is a monkey. He started playing with utensils and clothes and many time he even bit the clothes, tearing them, He started to become greedy and used to take food from kitchen and run away.

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One day Manu’s niece came to stay with them. Her name was pinky. One she was eating nuts and one monkey came in. She creamed in fear, but onkey snacthed the box ot nits and ran away. Pinkie started crying, Syam heard this and was very upset. He told Manju that the monkey has become very mischievous and he should teach him a lesson. Shyam thought of an idea.. “let me buy a mud pot with a narrow mouth and I will use it to catch the monkey.?”

So next morning he bought the mud pot and put some roasted grams in it.
He then dug the mud pot in ground and asked every one to be away from it.

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Monkey could smell the gram so he came near the pot and put his hand inside it. he could feel the grams. But could not take his hands out.

Immediately shyam came and caught the monkey!

So the Moral Of Story “The Greedy Monkey” is : Greed is not good

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