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Toy needs for kids with Autism

In one of our previous posts, we discussed about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  It is a neurobehavioral disorder which requires special attention from parents. Such kids have specific needs and hence specific toy needs. Today we discuss the need for the toys for child with autism.


Kids with Autism exhibit behaviors like

  • Trouble in communication
  • Difficulty in learning
  • Difficulty in social interactions
  • Unusual repetitive behavior
  • Anxiety and Hyperactivity

We as parents should keep above in mind and also we should remember that in this situation rather than buying toys by age, choose toys by the kids development ability. As I have mentioned in my previous post, this disorder can be low, mild or severe and hence kids needs are different and their requirement is as per the severity of the disorder rather than age.

Toys for child with autism

As a parent, let us try to understand how toys can help in managing these symptoms.

Toys to manage Anxiety/Hyperactivity:

Any toy which can help calming down the kids will help in managing the Anxiety and Hyperactivity. Toys which can help them concentrate is also helpful. For example LEGO’s are a great choice here. But we need to make sure that they are not too complex else the kid might loose interest. Another example of toys with calming affect can be vibrating toys or vibrating pillows etc

Toys which help improving social skills:

Kids with ASD has impaired social skills. Social skills are complex and hence any toy which can help kids develop and improve their social skills are good. A great example if cause and effect toys. for example “Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin Pals“.  Search google/amazon for cause and effect toys and you will get many options. But make sure that these are not very complex ones.

Toys that improve learning and communication:

Such kids have difficulty in learning and communication. Toy which talk to them are great examples. And why to restrict yourselves to toys, look for Apps and Online games which can help kids in improving there communication. A search on google will throw many options for talking toys. Look for language development board games. There are many available from indian manufacturers like Funskool and also international brands. Make sure that the letters are big and colorful which will help generating more interest.

Helps in processing sensory information:

Kids struggle with processing sensory information Some kids are sensitive to touch while some are sensitive to light and hence toys which appeal the senses are helpful.  Example Fidget toys, bubble tubes or  fibre optics toys are good bet.

Kids with ASD need special care. There needs are different and so their toy and playing needs. Parents looking for toys for such kids always need to keep above points in mind. There are lot of information available over internet for kids with special needs and in countries like US/Europe there are shops and schools specifically meant for such kids and hence finding toys and information is easy. In India we still have to do a lot to catch up but things are improving.

Hope this information on toys for child with autism was helpful. Do write back your comments and help our readers with as much information as you can! Have a good day!

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